SALOMON Instinct Rush  2008

Salomon Instinct Rush 2008 Skis

SALOMON Instinct Charm  2008

Salomon Instinct Charm 2008 Skis

SALOMON Instinct Fever  2008

Salomon Instinct Fever 2008 Skis

SALOMON Intense Black 2012

Salomon Intense Black 2012 Skis

Salomon Archive

Welcome to "Salomon Archive". In this site, you can search the model name of a ski from the image.

I want to know the model name of an old ski board I found at an auction, but the ski board is so old that there are no images of it on the manufacturer's website.Do you have such an experience?
The "Salomon Archive" is your solution.
You can easily search for past models and old models of Salomon, a ski board manufacturer, by using images.

You can search by model name or year of release.